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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the time. >> there is nothing i can say. my life is gone. >> reporter: 22-year-old andrew gutierrez and 23-year-old steven peterson were arrested independently for the crime. peterson was cleared and gutierrez is still charged. >> we have really undisputable proof that he set the arsons because we use video. yes. yes. showing him lighting one of the fires. >> reporter: police say this security video shows gutierrez at the scene of the dry cleaners fire. investigators connected him to a rape that happened nine days earlier. >> i can't say it was a stranger rape. >> reporter: a man had passed out drunk in her car. when she came to, she was being raped by an unknown man who police say was gutierrez. >> his fingerprints were found at the scene. >> reporter: petersen was in jail for several weeks. there is this free stephen petersen page on facebook.
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they determined he was not connected to the fires but they found something else. >> we located some child pornography on his computer. >> reporter: he respond today a warrant for his arrest, turned himself in on friday. after initially being found at the scene of one fire, petersen may have avoid add lot of trouble by explains why he was there. >> he might never have been arrested in the fist place. >> that is very probable. yes. >> meaning he wouldn't have been arrested for the child porn. >> that is also true. >> reporter: the good news for bright cleaners, the owner opened this new store on sunday. both gutierrez and petersen are set to appear in court the next two weeks. back to you frank. >> john sasaki in alameda tonight. thank you. san francisco police tell us they plan on keeping an eye on the man who was arrested last friday and accused of killing a man and putting the dismembered body into a suitcase. 59-year-old mark andrus was released from the county jail last night. district attorney says there is just not enough evidence to charge him in the case.
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the dismembered body was found on 11th street near market street last wednesday. police chief greg surh said today, they are hoping dna testing will provide the victim's identity and lead to an arrest. >> if we can determine who it is, that person may have things we can get dna off of to match to the parts we have. >> a source told us police are trying to determine whether the victim is omar schwann. the family of a woman taken hostage in that bank robbery and later killed during a shoot- out with police last year wants the city of stockton to take some financial responsibility for her death. ktvu fox 2 news' eric rasmussen is live now in the news room with the move the woman's family made today. >> reporter: the attorney representing misty holt singh's husband and children filed what is called a claim against the city of stockton.
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it is a first step before they can sue the city. she was one of three hostages taken by bank robbers back in july in the chase and shoot-out that followed, they fired 600 rounds hiting the 41-year-old misty holt singh ten times. two of the three bank robbers were also killed. her family attorney greg bentley says police didn't follow their own policies ability going in with stealth making bank robbers less likely to take hostages. >> if that officer had not been visible and they left the scene, i wouldn't be here right now. misty holt singh would still be alive. the stockton police department was negligent in its failure to comply with standard response policies. >> stockton city attorneys disputed some of the claims.
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today the police chief says a report will be released in april. misty holt singh's family didn't put a dollar figure on damages but one of the surviving hostages filed a claim with the city of stockton last week. >> eric rasmussen live in the news room. thank you. the employers at ports along the west coast say they put their best offer on the table and if there is no resolution in the next few days, they say they will have no choice but to lock out dock workers an shut down the ports. tom vacar is here now with a time frame and how one bay area exporter is trying to deal with all this. tom? >> reporter: this is not getting better. not at all. and the ships at the port are only going slower and slower and slower through them. the pma, the pacific maritime association, a con source of 70 ship lines says they are off by 60% and cargo is so backed up,
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the system will gridlock, melt down, and collapse forcing a lockout. the problem, all the container ships serving the entire west coast and asia are bunching up unable to pick up and drop off. >> they are circling around here. ultimately, it is going to grind itself to a stop. >> reporter: the founder of san rafael based nature sun grown foods specialize in organic products popular in asia. they cannot be delayed because unlike foods with preservatives, they have much shorter shelf lives. >> there is a short window for our products. >> reporter: he has stopped shipments of bacon, ham, sausage, cream cheese, and pasta sauce. another example? bay area made three twins ice cream. >> right now, we have to stop that. those products only have 80 to 90 day shelf life.
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>> our customer in korea looking for this product is scared to death they are going to have to find product from another country to sub constitute for this ice cream. >> reporter: because now the congestion is so bad, experts say even if this was settled this evening, it would take at least three months, maybe a lot more to get rid of all the congestion. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so tom, three months to clear up the congestion if this is settled. what happens if it is not settled and the docks are shut down? that would be a disaster. >> there would be a lot of food lost and a lot of places that have what is just in time supply chains. things that make machinery, they get that stuff in the days they need it and without that, you see a lot of employment
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rising in the u.s. and a lot of employment rising quickly in asia. that is not good for the economy in either spike. >> let's hope they can come to an agreement. thanks tom. dozens of activists gathered in oakland today to show their solidarity with a group of protesters known as the black friday 14. inside, ajugas was hearing arguments in a motion to dismiss misdemeanor charges on them. bart says the demonstration cost the agency $70,000. they say they were just exercising their freedom of speech. >> those people are being cite
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all being cited. >> the judge today took the motion to dismuss under consideration and says a decision is expected in the next couple of weeks. students at the sacred hard catholic school in san francisco are rallying against a new morality clause they call hurtful and discriminatory. it would add language against homosexual relationships. katie utehs explains why there is such controversy over this. >> we learned about social justice here and equality. >> reporter: students at sacred heart are fired up because of a document released by the archbishop aimed at clarifying catholic teachings. >> i condition even describe the shock of reading something like that. >> reporter: proposed morality clauses would be added to the teacher handbook for the coming school year. one edition addresses
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homosexuality of being contrary to the natural law. >> the teachers also have to respect the mission of the school and the way they live their public lives. what is private remains private and no one is privy to that. >> i was really shocked, actually. i'm actually gay myself so this document obviously has a lot of resonance so me specifically. >> reporter: another calls on teachers to affirm and believe the grave evil of artificial reproduction technology. essentially, surrogates. but the sacred heart interim president points out the words are not specifically the archbishops. >> and it is not so much his statement that is taken from the catholic cataclysm. that is catholic teaching. >> reporter: marin catholic all fall under the archbishop's leadership. the question is why bring up teachings in conflict with current social norms, california law and the seemingly progressive nature of the pope? >> i thought it was extremely
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unnecessary. >> reporter: students are leading to crusade with the hash tag teach acceptance. >> teachers are afraid for their jobs. rightfully. you know. the language is dangerous in this contract and in this handbook. >> reporter: alumni, parents, and students say they will fight the archbishop's proposal and if necessary, they will take it to a higher power. >> i hope the school decides to maybe, you know, bring this further. talk to the vatican. >> reporter: the archbishop has scheduled a meeting friday morning to address teacher concerns. there will always be a press conference that afternoon. meanwhile, students say they plan to brainstorm ideas on how they can make sure their opinions o on the issues are heard. in san francisco. katie utehs, ktvu fox 2 news. gunmen storm a tiffany's jewelry store in the mid of the afternoon. we are talking to the police investigating this brazen robbery. >> stick and starving. an alarming number of sea lion
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pups washing up on bay area beaches t. clues scientists are now examining about what may be the cause. >> we are tracking rain around here. certainly for the next 24 hours. but between now and then, we are pretty dry. ly tell you about the fog that could inhibit your morning commute. >> and a check on your drive home. this is i-80 in berkeley. as you can see, traffic is heavy on what is usually a busy stretch of highway this time of night. >> and let's go to the south bay now. a slow commute as well on i-280 in san jose. not far from the airport. those headlights you see there are headed south. and it is slow going tonight.
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>> three armed men robbed the tiffany's jewelry store near
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the cable car turn around at about 3:00 today. police say the three robbers described as black men went into the store with masks on and ordered the security guard there to the floor. the robbers got away with jewelry, but it is not known how much. investigators are looking at surveillance video. westfield management said no one was hurt and the safety of customers an employees is their top priority. san francisco's police chief kicked off a door to door campaign to warn residents in china town about possible crimes during the lunar new year. he spoke with them about scams targeting the neighborhood and several asian community activists say many senior citizens have started heading home early because of crime and robberies targeting the elderly. >> the asian community, especially with the seniors, talking about lockdown.
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after 5:00, nobody wants to leave their apartments. >> in some areas, we are told people head home by 3:00 in the afternoon. activists tell ktvu fox 2 news police have done a lot to reach out to the china town community. but they say more resources are needed from city hall for policing and to encourage people to report crimes taking place often out of sight. in just four weeks, tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants have obtained california drivers licenses. the dmv released numbers showing 57,000 licenses have been issued since that new law took effect. 366,000 applications have been filed for a license. and 415,000 examines have been given either written or behind the wheel including single drivers who took the test multiple times. the new state law took effect january 2 allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a california drivers licenses. they require a person to prove their identity and document
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their residency. new at 6:00, it is a mystery bay area scientists are trying to unravel. six marine mammals washing up in record numbers. the sick sea lion pups are ending up on bay area beaches in unprecedented numbers. john fowler reports from marin county. >> reporter: something strange is happening here. never before seen numbers of strandings of brutally emaciated sea lion pups. these rescued by the marine mammal center. supposed to be plump. you can see this little guy's bones. >> we had three years of sea lion pup populations that crash and burn. >> veterinarian shawn johnson says this is the worst in history. ten times the normal number of strandings and it could be 20 times normal by next week. >> these little sea lions are being abandoned from their mothers. they should be out on the channel islands. they should be nursing now. >> reporter: the ocean right now is six degrees warmer than
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normal. that is a record. and they think that is now pushing fish stocks further offshore and deeper making it more difficult for sea lion mothers to get enough to eat to make enough milk for their pups. >> it is a mystery. doesn't make sense they are fine and then all of a sudden they are not. >> reporter: johnson says they are testing for disease an parasites but so far, nothing has turned up. the nonprofit marine mammal center typically slow this time of year has had to put off repairs an maintenance and spend money on food and medicine. >> this is a huge strain on our resources, on our volunteers and financially, we are not prepared for something like this to happen. >> reporter: they are asking the public to go to their website and donate. john fowler, ktvu fox 2 news. you can just feel the weather changing. it was so foggy where i live this morning. we want to check in with bill now. rain is on the way an it is supposed to get here tomorrow
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or friday? >> the bulk of lit be here friday. but tomorrow, we will see showers in the north bay. it will spread south friday. there is one behind it tuesday. the jet stream has been up here. the length of the moisture, it will shift south and it will move into our area starting tomorrow, but lit be a slow drop. lit take a while for it to come out ever the north bay and into the south bay. in the south bay, you probably won't see much until friday afternoon in terms of rainfall, but when it rains, you are going to know about it. the systems break down like this. they have a flood watch. and a wind advisory. i think the first one has the most potential. we are going to see the flood watch. but when i talk abdomen friday, i'm talking about the heart of
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the day. it will move through the bay area starting friday morning an work its way south. we will get to that. this is an interesting model. it shows moisture. in this column of air, there is a ton of water. many inches of water focused right on us. this is what is heading our way. this is significant rain. it is another way to look at the clouds looking into the clouds, seeing the moisture. and that is really all clouds are. moisture anyway. but you are seeing the amount of moisture in there. this is through sunday, maybe eight or nine inches in the north bay. great for their reservoirs. computer model then. there is the front. it is raining in ukiah. san jose in the bay area. thursday afternoon, barely
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moves. as we head into friday, watch this area. that's the money. this is significant rainfall in that period. significant rainfall. you will have urban and small streak flood advisories. last storm was a 10. the big one. that's a 10. in december. this is an 8. could be a 9. that is great news. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. friday rain. saturday, a little break. and you know how important that is. especially when friday will be a hammer. sunday, we will get reign as well. >> thanks bill. >> i like that you describe it as a hammer. all right, we are ready. the warriors are back in town facing the dallas mavericks at the coliseum. >> they are in a stretch where they will play four games in
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five days in four different cities. the latest from the coach coming up in sports. >> >> coming up at 7:00, it is demolition time at the stick. we will see how work crews are tearing down the long time home of the giants and the 49ers. and we are learning suge knight had way more than a panic attack in court. working on these stories and more coming up at 7:00.
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>> richmond police honored dozens of people who have given their time volunteering for the city. hundreds of folks were recognized at the richmond services. sal castaneda mced the event. and our assignment editor in the news room. ellen was honored for collecting school supplies. she does a great job. >> she does. and she has been here years. mark is off tonight. scott is in. all about the warriors. >> a lot of warrior basketball. how good were they last night in sacramento? a 23-0 run in the first half. so many highlight film plays we
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couldn't get them in. they are back in the oracle with the mavs tonight. and we have a rare home game this month. >> reporter: it is rare because they are only going to play two home games. there is tonight's game against dallas and the san antonio spurs will be in town after the all-star break. those are the only two at home for the warriors. that is what made last night so much more valuable. getting huge contributions. both andre iguodala and maurice speights got 17 points apiece. steve kerr talked about it a few moments ago about how that is such a luxury to rest those players when they are in the middle of a stretch like this. >> what happened last night, they got going with their scoring.
6:26 pm
many of the minutes came with several reserves on the floor. the biggest runs in the game were in the second quarter and the second of the fourth. where we had all five bench players, at least four. >> i don't think i have ever seen a four and five nights in the middle. we have been at home so much it has been nice to get out on the road and play in different arenas and get a little team bonding before the all-star break. >> reporter: so, another test for the warriors, four games in five days and four different cities. they have brought a 38-8 record. let's see how the next stretch turns out. reporting live from the oakland coliseum arena, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> much more on the warriors tonight at 10:00 and college signing day. stanford, cal. very good classes. and we will tell you about it
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tonight. >> thank you scott. tonight, a bay area teenager who wowed the american idol judges with her audition. we are there as friends and family gather today watch maddy hudson and show their support. that is tonight at 10:00. >> and we are always for you on, facebook, twitter. thank you very much for joining us and have a good night everybody. see you. >> goodnight.
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